Washcare for Ikat

Artisan washing cotton hanks

We adore handcrafted clothing as the fabrics travel through many passionate hands during its making. We hold on to craftsmanship for it is woven with the weaver's heart and soul, and of course, for its mesmerizing texture and feel of the fabric, we'd want to cherish and conserve them for a long time and pass it on to the next generation. 

At Translate, we dedicatedly make an effort to sustain the exquisite craft of Ikat weaving by keeping the craft true to its origin; we develop our collections in versatile, relaxed, and timeless silhouettes with a relentless focus on quality. Moreover, taking responsibility for producing safe clothing for both skin and the environment, we ensure the use of Azo-free VAT dyes that are non-toxic without compromising on the color attributes.

Artisan washing red colored yarns in water

We've put together a list of wash and care do's and don'ts to cherish your treasured handcrafted clothing for a very long time;

  • The first step is to sort your clothes before washing them, ensuring that the colored clothes are separated from the whites. You need not worry if the fabrics bleed a little color during the first few washes; it's just the extra color that the material couldn't absorb. Also, to be safe, we recommend you wash the red garments separately for a few washes. 
  • Water and detergents determine the life of the fabric. Keeping this in mind, give your clothing a gentle wash using cold water with a very mild detergent. For machine washing, wash it separately on a gentle cycle. You won't have to worry about the shrinkage of Translate's cotton clothing, as our fabrics are all prewashed!
  • Always air dry your clothes in a shaded area avoiding direct sunlight as it may fade over time. 
  • Iron your clothes on low heat, Spray water to dampen the fabric if completely dry, or use a steam iron. 
  • Store your clothes in a cool and dry environment. Fill in some sachets of natural oils with fragrance to hang in your cupboards to keep your clothing fresh and away from moths.

That's it! These tiny little changes must do the trick and prolong the life of your garments. Cheers to a durable wardrobe for seasons to come.

Cut ikat yarn after weaving