​Handcrafted Artisanal Ikat

​Translate is not merely a fashion label, but a spirit which embodies to accelerate change. Our continuous and sustained effort to work with the indigenous craft of Ikat weaves, ensuring the craft is kept alive and authentic at its origin. Effortless styling is the brand identity, the clothing line highlights the versatility, functionality in its relaxed silhouettes. Lifestyle product emphasises a quality of timelessness.


Just In - Eye Spice

Dry Mango Relaxed DressDry Mango Relaxed Dress

Dry Mango Relaxed Dress

Mint Long KaftanMint Long Kaftan

Mint Long Kaftan

Fenugreek Relaxed DressFenugreek Relaxed Dress

Fenugreek Relaxed Dress


Eye Spice Man

Dry Ginger Short KurtaDry Ginger Short Kurta

Dry Ginger Short Kurta

Bay Leaf Button ShirtBay Leaf Button Shirt

Bay Leaf Button Shirt

Clove Long KurtaClove Long Kurta

Clove Long Kurta

Oregano Short KurtaOregano Short Kurta

Oregano Short Kurta


Mosaic Woman

Froid Wool StoleFroid Wool Stole
On sale

Froid Wool Stole

3315 3900 Save 15%
Navy Open Long DressNavy Open Long Dress
On sale

Navy Open Long Dress

7565 8900 Save 15%
Plum Button Down DressPlum Button Down Dress
On sale

Plum Button Down Dress

7565 8900 Save 15%
Oxford Maxi DressOxford Maxi Dress
On sale

Oxford Maxi Dress

7565 8900 Save 15%

Mosaic Man

Teal Button ShirtTeal Button Shirt
On sale

Teal Button Shirt

5525 6500 Save 15%
Oak Button ShirtOak Button Shirt
On sale

Oak Button Shirt

5525 6500 Save 15%
Dijon Classic KurtaDijon Classic Kurta
On sale

Dijon Classic Kurta

6375 7500 Save 15%
Lead Classic KurtaLead Classic Kurta
On sale

Lead Classic Kurta

6375 7500 Save 15%

We believe in handcrafted, unique & sustainable clothing

Ikat is one of the oldest known patterned textiles in the world, with a history that spans across multiple cultures and is known to have existed in India since the 6th Century. 

Ikat is a resist dyeing technique used to pattern textiles and the word ‘ikat’ comes from the Malay-Indonesian word for ‘tie’. Traditionally, Ikat were symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige because of the time and intricate skill involved in the weaving process. 

Through timeless, sustainable and functional ready-to-wear Ikat apparels and home furnishings, we at Translate are proud to play a part in creating awareness of India’s rich heritage in handlooms while empowering the regional Ikat artisans. Our vision is to revive this dying art by transforming the traditional handloom and to contemporary outfits, accessories and home furnishing in pure handwoven cotton and silk.

Voice of Fashion takes you on a journey to the Koyyalagudem village on the outskirts of Hyderabad to understand the 'Grammar of Ikat' by Translate Handwoven Ikat

Grammar of Ikat