Collection Foliage


Our Signature collection, FOLIAGE, explores the miscellany of nature—a line of handcrafted Ikat clothing inspired by the sequence of metamorphs during the fall season. A take on a contemporary interpretation of traditional Ikat weaving, the collection emphasizes the quality of timelessness and comfort, perfect for all occasions.

The collection draws inspiration from the Foliage through the woods. The wild palette of russet brown, canary yellows, brick reds, muted green, and a tingle of lilacs reflects its senescence over the seasons. A twist of bold Ikat motifs on the composition elevates the fabric with playfulness while accentuating the elegance of the glorious Ikat textile.  

Our Fascinating Ikat fabrics are hand woven with soft cotton yarns by skilled generational artisans with extreme care. The collection is further designed and mindfully tailored with pockets, pleats, comfortable necklines, and trims to keep the silhouettes relaxed and comfortable. In addition, our signature collection with the play of vibrant hues and ikats makes our garments whimsical, adds to a bit of adventure, and highlights effortless styling. 

The collection offers an array of versatile clothing for women and men - relaxed dresses, kaftans, short wraps, shirts, and kurtas, giving you a perfect daytime look whether you want to lounge around at the house or strike a balance between looking professional and casual. With effortless styling, the collection makes a classic look that would be great for catching up with friends over brunch that would also make a statement silhouette for dinner afterward. Go creative with layering our Ikat stoles on our silhouettes to create unique looks that can never go out of style. So celebrate with us, Foliage - to notice nature, cherish the changes and embrace the passage of time through its phases in colors.