Anti Fits - A need of the hour

A growing fashion trend gaining popularity in recent years, the antifits seem to be the need of the hour and we couldn’t agree more. These relaxed fits not only reflect comfort but also celebrate the creative expression of individuals through styling. 

In today’s fashion world, one of the prime concerns is to not compromise on comfort with our active lifestyle. Relaxed fits drape gently onto our body, accommodating all body shapes and sizes letting your skin breathe freely. For tropical climates, anti-fits are the perfect silhouettes enabling you to cherish all the adventures of the season keeping you both relaxed and stylish. Unlike traditional fitted clothing becoming too tight or restrictive when engaging in physical activities, anti-fits allow great movement and do not require any tailoring or alterations to fit correctly. 

From dressing up for a formal event to dressing down for a casual affair, due to its versatility, anti-fit clothing can be dressed to suit any occasion or mood, this makes it perfect for people who like to experiment with different styles and looks and also creates room for more creative expression. With their loose and flowy nature, anti-fit clothing can be accessorized and layered in many different ways. These fits make it easy to transition from day to night look or a laid-back to sophisticated look with just a few pieces. 

These unrestrictive loose fits also promote inclusivity and body positivity, ensuring people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable and confident in their clothing. These fits will remain a classic and enable people to create their own identities and redefine unrealistic body standards. 

Sustainability is a concept that has become increasingly important in the modern world. As people become more aware of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment. Anti-fit clothing is both stylish and sustainable, it is defined as clothing that is intentionally designed to not fit a person perfectly and also last longer. The silhouette and sizing of the clothing are planned carefully ensuring minimum cutouts, which reduces the amount of fabric waste that is associated with traditional clothing production. 

Emphasizing the quality of timelessness and conscious consumerism, at Translate, we have carefully designed a range of anti-fit clothing in soft cotton, that makes styling effortless. Our relaxed fits are highly versatile and functional with the addition of pockets. Our anti-fits display a variety of bold Ikats handwoven by artisans in artful compositions, where each piece is unique and easy to style. Check out our collection to gather inspiration and shop for some stylish ensembles to rock the anti-fit attires.