The Urban Scapes

The city has consumed us all with its charming facades and fast pace. Nothing is stationary or stagnant in the city. Urban city life is always in a constant state of change through the day. The scenic topography of the city changes from the peace of our homes to the bustle of traffic at rush hour to the hyper-activity at our competitive work places. These changing frames of city life influence us to have an introspective approach to finding beauty in the momentary things around us and hence led us to creating our high-summer collection, URBAN SCAPES.

The collection refers to the dynamic backdrops to people’s everyday lives. The motifs and colours used in this collection are inspired by the busy yet picturesque topographical views of the urban city life. The grey city streets and pavements with white crosswalk lines, the red traffic lights, or the varying building structures and the blue-ish white skies filled with clouds on balmy summer days backed with people buzzing past in their daily lives being major sources for our creative ideation. This seasons Ikat patterns were woven to mimic the racing lines of the city and the diverse range of grids and blocks around us, creating an interplay of stripes, angles and checkerboards.

This eclectic collection has a soothing colour story consisting of bright whites, powder blues, concrete greys and pops of scarlet, making the collection fit seamlessly into one’s high summer wardrobe. The tones used make them easy to mix and match or pair them up as a co-ord set without being too overpowering to one’s aesthetic sense.

The soft breathable cottons as light as a feather apt for the rising temperatures will ensure effortless comfort as it gracefully lays over your skin. This, combined with mindfully crafted airy, relaxed silhouettes will give one plenty of room for both hectic work hours and play during a much-needed downtime. The collection is a showcase of versatility ranging from boxy-fit and straight-fit dresses and kurtas, to the smartly contoured relaxed dress for women, to mandarin collared shirts and kurtas for men.

At the core of the Urban Scapes collection is our responsibility to deliver fine craftsmanship and quality. Each product is handcrafted with deft hands by our master artisans. Make a seamless welcome for our collection into your high-summer wardrobe and enjoy the remaining of these long summer days in comfort and style.